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gap ; putra science exploration (pse)
Friday, May 26, 2017 • 8:58 PM
السلام عليكم & hello everyone. I'm here updating my blog because there are many posts and stories are postponed due to my hectic schedule and my laziness to the infinity. My posts are focusing on programs that i have joined on this 6th semester. I will start with Putra Science Exploration (PSE) and continue with Young Scientist Apprentices (YSA), Expressive Art Therapy Break with Counselor Siti Fatimah, Eksplorasi Yogyakarta 2017, Lights Up Together - Born2Lead, and Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016/2017. In between of these events and programs, there are stories of my travelling (Travel to Langkawi & Perlis), Reunion with Besties of SMKK, and Siqin Birthday. Can you see how many stuffs i didn't update here? Yes i was busy and now, on this final week of 6th semester - i'm going to update them all, hail to the king!

Barisan fasilitator PSE. You gaiss perform habis doe.

So, this post is specifically for Putra Science Exploration (PSE). This program was not conducted on 6th semester, but before entering 6th semester (a gap between 5th to 6th semester) or in other words, a semester break. It happened after my final exam of my 5th semester. PSE was a program organized by Faculty of Science Students' Association (FASSA) and UPM STEM with "soaring upwards" as a slogan. By referring to its name, i bet you can guess what the program was meant for. This program was focusing on exposing knowledge of science to secondary school.

We went to MRSM Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan & introduced the basic concepts of Science to Form 4 students. After finishing my final exam, my schedule was super hectic because jawatan aku adalah Ketua Modul dan Aktiviti. Otak sentiasa perlu bekerja untuk plan segala aktiviti dengan mengambil kira peralatan, bilangan students, tempat & etc. The most terrified moments were, when your lecturer rejected your activities that you already planned, hahahahaha. Then, everything must be compiled into a modul & simulations must be done before performing the real one. Frankly speaking, you're the backbones of program if you're selected as Committee of Activities - so, brace yourself.

Sampai terduduk-duduk kitaorang susun freebies untuk adik-adik MRSM Gemencheh. 

Why so serious? hahaha. This is because we was discussing how to perform Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Slot. 

Nah, ambik kau sampai tergeliat-geliat kau Bocah. Masa ni dah pukul 1 pagi. Kitaorang still bersemangat discuss pasal program ni. 

Kami discuss sampai tengah malam sebab we only got 2 days to prepare everything since everyone finished their exam on 8th of January & our program was on 11th until 13th of January. I don’t regret anything since I gave my best back then. After 2 days of preparation, we went to MRSM Gemencheh.

11th January 2017 - Wednesday

Inilah yang dikatakan mak jemah, siap selfie lagi atas bas baq hang.

We went there (MRSM Gemencheh) by bus at 2 pm & reached there barely at 5.30 pm. We carried our stuffs (stuffs for activities) to specific place & we were brought to student’s rooms. They shared their rooms with us, alhamdulillah. After unpacking our stuffs & performing Solat Asar, we gathered & conducted final discussion for activities before performing it by tomorrow.

Team aktiviti yang sangat perform, thumbs uppp!

Abam-abam & akak-akak gengster hahahaha.

I didn't realize that i was too serious when organizing activities until i found this picture haha. Bocah tu dah sampai tak larat nak bukak mata and until now, i don't have any idea what was going on in Lela's mind about Ekin, hahaha. 

12th January 2017 - Thursday
We woke up early since we got many things to do on that day. We started with students registration, a little bit of introduction about ourselves & we went through with opening ceremony.

Facilitators lined up to introduce themselves to students.

It was really nice to see students gave their full attentions & cooperation.

Facilitators were on stage, preparing for opening ceremony.

After finishing opening ceremony, we conducted our slots & i’m really sorry because i didn’t capture many photos through this program since I was so busy handling & synchronizing activities regarding on timing or timeline.


Ikatan Kimia (Chemical Bonding) was very similar to Ice Breaking. Students were divided into 12 groups (each group consists of 12 students with 2 facilitators). These 12 groups were instructed to discuss their group’s name & cheer.

Cheer dari kumpulan Fasi Naily, comelkan diaorang ni hahaha. 

Then, after presenting their cheers, these 12 groups competed with each other on 3 games – Blows Out, Ping Ping Pong & Bottle Flipped. I didn't record any videos for Blows out because i was busy on that time. I only recorded Ping Ping Pong and Bottle Flipped.

Bersemangat weyh depa main. Fasi pun duk terjerit-jerit hahaha.

Flip flip, jangan tak flip. 


Hebatnya Sains was a second slot and it focused on demonstration of anything that related to science. In other words, demonstrating an experiments! These experiments were derived from 4 departments of faculty of science - chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. This slot consisted 8 check points (8 experiments) & each group was given 10 minutes to see the demonstration at each check point. They rotated until every group finished the last check points. The experiments involved were Invincible Ink, Sugar Tower, Which one is liar, Am I Normal, Moo Moo, Bahayanya Rokok, Jarum Kompas and Disebalik Pandangan Atas
  • Invincible Ink :  oxidation of baking soda
  • Sugar Tower :  different concentrations of liquid led to different densities
  • Which one is liar :  differentiate the real Vitamin C contained in Lemon juice
  • Am I Normal : learning the chromosomes
  • Moo Moo : dissecting the reproductive organ of cow (eeuuuu, this is why i didn't choose biology)
  • Bahayanya Rokok : the effect of cigarette on human beings
  • Jarum Kompas : knowing the direction of pole using the magnet
  • Disebalik Pandangan Atas : learning the angles and positions
And here, i'm actually regretting because i didn't take any pictures from this slot, hmmmm. Gambar kitaorang tengah makan ni pun ntah sape ntah yang snap hahaha. 


Nah, this instruction was screenshot from the module of program. Basically, students required to "buy" materials from facilitators to make their own parachute and boat. This was exactly the original plan. When conducting the real one, we discarded the boat part, so students just need to make a parachute per group. 

Nah ambik kau, siap berbelon-belon bagai. 

The concepts of Physic was highly applied to make a parachute. It reminded me to my Physic assignment taught by Dr Huda. 
I completed this assignment with my partner, Felicity on my 4th semester. 


The explorace concept is easy, time is a key. So, each group had to compete in completing tasks before others could. There were check points. 

Ball and Stick : Built the compounds using ball and stick
Jadual Berkala Unsur /  Periodic Table : 

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