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Sunday, May 27, 2012 • 12:16 AM
Assalamualaikum gaiss! How shocking i was when i got to know that Kedah Matriculation College (KMK) called me for furthering my study there! Afterall my result was not good enough to make me going to university, so i got matriculation program instead. Because i got D for Additional Mathematics, i need to spend my time there for 2 years, meaning that i'm going to proceed my study as Program Dua Tahun (PDT) student. Honestly speaking i was disappointed at first because many of my friends were offered to Program Satu Tahun (PST) student. Ah, blame on my result and my fuckin' laziness before. Let's look on bright side yeehaa!

I went for shopping to prepare for everything - clothes, shoes, hijab and etc. My father really excited and he bought a really big luggage for me. I'm the eldest daughter of my family - First daughter who went to matriculation and insyallah i'm going to be a first daughter who steps into university. I went to Tasik Kulim to spend my last time with my mom and my younger twins before going to KMK. 

I spend my entire time with my family - never separated. I didn't stay in hostel nor i joined any program that required me to part with my family for a long time. So, this is my first experience facing separation from my family. I don't know how to face this, seriously! I used to play with these younger twins, helped them to solve their homeworks and yelled at them when i was failing in controlling my anger. I wonder whether i can accept these - the changes of situations. 

Before i went to KMK, mom cooked for me, my favorite food. I was touched, serious i was touched. This kind of thing made me more "sebak". She asked me before, what i want to eat. I said that i want sotong kurita and pucuk paku masak cili padi and also ikan masin belah dua. And yes, she made it for me - Alhamdullillah and thank you, mom. 

You have to know, someone who never separated from family and someone who is going to face CHANGES in her/his life - To face it, everything/emotions - all of them are well mixed. Happy, sad, excited and scared existed even you didn't call for them. Everything couldn't be under your control anymore. You just have to feel it, yes - feel it. 
You know what? I just thought that - just yesterday i went to my friends's houses and played with them. Just yesterday i played randes, tuju kasut, tuju kandang, zirofoin, zirojam and ulong/galah panjangJust yesterday i was chased by big cows at padang bola. Those precious memories of mine happened barely eight years ago. I yearn for them, seriously - i yearn for them. 
But as you already understood, time is moving without stopping. People get old, memories will be forgotten, that's how our life evolve - just accept it already, Ina. Well then, there's nothing for me to blab. I hope i'm going to be fine there - my first turning point, KMK. Assalamualaikum. 

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