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kmk 1st sem ; fun
Tuesday, July 03, 2012 • 8:17 AM

Mak cik tukang sapu, hahaha.

Assalamualaikum peeps! How are u my dear? I hope all of you are in a good condition yah. Ok, i update this blog for the first time in this month. July 2012. What da... There is so fast! We are already in July! That's mean, i stay at Matriks one month already! Hahahaha, first of all i can't face it, but now i start to search a happiness at here.

Like i said last week, there are so many assignments, quiz and test. We are pushed by lecturer to move on. Not just learn and go back to hostel without knowing anything, but revise it again until we can understand. So, we can answer all the questions. That's a system in matriks.

This week i'm happy. Although i can go back last week, but i didn't go home. I think the term ''homesick'' is already left. Just wanna said, i'm ok and there is a fun to stay here. Ok, we meet in another day yah, assalamualaikum.



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