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kmk 1st sem ; busy
Friday, July 13, 2012 • 8:26 AM

Such a happy family, with Nazira and Zara become grandma, and we all are the grandchild! Hehe.

Assalamualaikum peeps! Update again for one week. Huhu, let me story about this week. Can't? Whatever, this is my blog keyh! Opps, sorry.

Struggle to make JOTTER!

I just story what i remember keyh? I went to DKK for Chemistry. I entered chapter 2, Atomic Structure. OMG, new thing need to learn, Quantum! But its ok la, because formula was provided by the lecturer. But still tension because i need to cover Balance Redox Equation and also Molarity and Molality. Then English, Madam emmmm, i dunno what her name was. Hahaha, such a bad student ryte? She gave me an assignment. What assignment? ''Wayang Kulit'' We need to act in front of the class on Tuesday. Okayhs, fine madam!

Discussion before cycling.

In the middle of cycling.

Mathematics? Still phobia. But i tried to learn. I got 15 over 30 for first test. that's mean i got 50 over 100. Only half marks? Okayhs, i could not do well for Logarithm. I think, i postponed many works for Mathematics. Huuurrmmm, tennnnssssiiioooonnn!!!! What is the best stuff in this week was cycling in Koku lessons. We went out from KMK and cycling on the road. Then, we went back to KMK using the jungle way.We found many cows and i was really scared and shocked. Hahaha! That was very very fun!!!

Look like we had fun, hahaha.


Then, we also did Senamrobik 1 Malaysia, we need to assemble in Astaka at 6.30 a.m. Can you imagine? 6.30 a.m in Astaka, that's mean we had to wake up at 5.00 a.m. The cloud in that day really was scary! I dunno how to explain. But yes! it was frightening and weird. Then in Wednesday, we did Titration in Chemistry Lab. Everything was OK!

Then, in Thursday, i did Choral Speaking for English class. And also i got Bio Test's paper. 80 over 100, wah Alhamdulillah. I really busy this week, need to prepare for Mathematic and Computer Science test. But lastly that tests were postponed to the next week. You know what is it mean? That's mean, next week i will face all the tests for all subjects, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science. Ohhhhh! Help me pleaaaaasssseeee - assalamualaikum.

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