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Monday, August 06, 2012 • 7:38 AM

Ting tong ting tong, jam berdetik! Assalamualaikum! Huh, only several hours i can spend to revise my own study. Huh, really scared for exam tomorrow. Can you imagine? This is my first time to take an exam in Matrikulasi. I got heart attack and the level of nervousness become higher. More adrenalin hormone is created!!!

Only three days myself! I have to be strong, then after exam finished i can go home to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. But, it spoil my mood when UPS in my mind. What is UPS? Ujian Pertengahan Semester. Hehehe. I take 4 subjects, and it look like really simple ryte? But one subject is pretty good enough to kill us!

Chemistry Chapter 2 Atomic Structure.

Oh my... I already studied for Chemi, and Science Comps, and this day i wanna revise Maths and also Biology. Now, im revising biology. Mitochondria , Choloroplast and bla bla bla, enough to make my head spinning and exploding because overloading, hahahhaa.

Wish me good luck, yah! Hope see you soon again for coming holidays! I can spend my holidays for two weeks in my lovely home, hahaha assalamualaikum.



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