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kmk 1st sem ; happy eid
Sunday, August 12, 2012 • 11:25 PM

Give you big smile.

Alhamdulillah, assalamualaikum! Yah, Aidilfitri is around the corner. So happy, and feel relieved. You know why? Because UPS is finished already! Bwahahahaha! No need to read and bla bla. Enough! My head can't filled with TERA or ZETTA bytes! Duh!

Summarized from the exam, Alhamdulillah i can answer it. But Mathematics! Oh my, stuck at Arithmetic and Geometric Progression. Ah, no need to worry because i didn't revise it. So i can't answer it. But Chapter 2, Absolute Values is really really fun to answer! Hahaha, For my dear Logarithm, you are still far from my grasp, and i need to work hard to get you my dear. What i really truly wanna say, CHEMISTRY IS REALLY INTERESTING! Hoho, i get it MOLARITY and MOLALITY. Chapter 2, Atomic Structure also can ah. Ok, forget about exam.

I reach my house in Thursday, after exam i packed my things and go to Kulim Q Bus. Oh my goooosshhh, only Allah know what i feel! Really happy tahap gaban! Bcoz what? Bcoz we will going out from PENJARA EMAS, KMK! I sit with Hazwani Ezzati, yah we are best friends since form 1. But, from form 3 until now we kinda not so good as before. In bus, i switch on my handphone, HTC WILDFIRE to enjoy my favorites musics! Duh, it really calming my mind.

I wanna sleep, but as usually, i can't sleep in bus. I like to watch the scenery on the journey. Sawah padi, and everything even the azure sky! After 2 hours, we reach Kulim Bus Stop and my father is there. He come and pick my bags. I come home safely, and happy to see my younger twins celebrate my homecoming. My mom tell me that my father wake up early and go to market for buying me the crabs! You know, i'm really touched by their greatest concern!

Okayhs, i think that alls i wanna say. I'm tired plus happy. But 2 weeks only, and in that duration i also need to study. Huh! Keyh, assalamualaikum!

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