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kmk 1st sem ; 1st long story
Saturday, October 06, 2012 • 12:32 PM

Konnichiwa, Annyeonghaseyo, Assalamualaikum peeps!!! Long time nooooo hupdated, really-really sorry because i'm very busy ryte now. Aha, don't cry my blog. I will update you right now!

Celebrate Raya Aildilfitri.
This year, 2012. Raya is not so fun. I dunno where all the fun go and disappear. I think, 2003 was the best Raya in my life. That time, my grandpa and grandma were still alive. We played Firework and we did many things in that night at my grandma's house, Pondok Labu, Kulim, Kedah. I still remember how crowded the house with my cousin voice. But now, i only visit my families's house, eating and leaving. And this year, the food are not so delicious. But i still can enjoy myself by playing with my little cousin at my grandma house, Charok Sik, Baling, Kedah. I'm happy to see my grandma and grandpa because after entering Matriks, i'm really busy and don't have any time to visit them.

Outing with KeyHomin.
After celebrating raya, i just staying at my home, playing computer program, photoshop to make GIF PICTURE. And also i do some revision since i feel something empty if i don't touch any books. I also meet with friend, Nadiah or her glamour name, KeyHomin at Giant. We talk so much while eating together at Domino. Then, we watch Expendables 2. Oh my! My heroes, Jet Li and Arnold Schwarzenegger so awesome in this movie! I feel so full and enjoy after finishing this movie! Haha.

Return to KMK.
This is the part i hate the most. What da hell, only 2 weeks we can spend with family, then we will return to KMK? KMK stand for Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah. This time, i come with my family's car, not with the bus that i usually went. Hah, really fun and happy! My mom, and my younger twin help me to carry my bags to my room, B2,T2,14 stand for Blok B, Tingkat 2, Bilik 14. When i reach my room, Asyrah already there. Then, i go to my father and we talk for 30 minutes. Before they leave me, he give me RM200, and my mom give me RM100. This is the first time, i'm not crying while they are leaving me. Maybe i'm strong enough and already used to this destiny.

Normal Life.
In KMK, what i do, is usually what i did before this. Study and study until your head become numb. Your body become tired, and your face become wrinkled, and lastly you are getting old. Days by days just come and pass making the time flowing quickly. Many assignments need to do, especially for English subject! This time our task is to do Movie Video by looking at lyric of chosen song. For my group, we choose Stand, by Rascal Flatts. Then we need to do an essay for 700 until 900 words!!! I have completed my task for that essay by doing some introduction for 526 words! Oh myyy... Then, now at home i have to edit that video! Uwwwaaaa!!!

Independent Day.
Okayhs, this year i'm celebrating Malaysia Independent Day at Matriks. At first i thought there is no firework, since we are students, but no! There are FIREWORK at KMK, at it is really beautiful and stunning! I sit at Dewan Mahawangsa with Feira, Syuhada, Shiro and Asyrah. We watch many videos about history of Malaysia, and i cried. Yes i am.

UPS Result.

We already sat for an UPS exam. The result had been published at DKK (Dewan Kuliah Kecil). Alhamdulillah, i got 3A solid and for maths i got C. Oh myyyy myyy, that would make me crazy! But it's ok! I didn't put any effort for maths. My pointer is 3.5. 

Then, now i'm at home for 3 days only. But my head is fulled with assignments especially for English MV. 

Hehe, I like this picture, my self really zealous yah! 

Go go myself, you can do it. If Byakuya sama can do it you also can do it. I hope he will not die okayhs!

Okayhs, gud bye see u again daaaaa assalamualaikum.

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