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kmk 1st sem ; momento
Sunday, October 21, 2012 • 4:13 PM
Hello, Assalamualaikum, long time no see. A week already ryte? And now the pressure is getting bigger, PSPM is coming. PSPM is final exam for every Semester. And the exam is important than UPS. I'm struggling now, and ya Allah, gimme strength to face this matter. 

Talk about MOMENTO, you know what is it ryte? MOMENTO is Memorable Memories, not MOMENTUM that you studied in Physic. Hehe. I dunno why, maybe i miss my family so much. Last Friday i went to Kompleks Changlun to buy my things but when I looked at grapes, i remember my father. When i looked at soap and detergent, i remember my mom, and when i looked at chocolates and candy, i remember my younger twins.

Now, i'm thinking, i stay at KMK for 5 months already. Although i go back once for every month, but my existence is gonna disappear little by little. Time is flowing and moving quickly. Oh, i'm 18 years old already, not a 8 years old girl anymore. I miss my old days, watching movies with my family, playing ''ziropoint, randes, tuju kandang, tuju kasut, tulang anjing, and lubang tikus'' with my old friends. Playing and running in the class while the teacher is absent, and struggling with Cik Ghah for Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah, PMR
I miss them so much, and thanks for existing in my life, thanks to Allah because You give me a chance to fully enjoyed in my child time. 

Now, Semester 1 gonna end and we united for the last moment. We eat Chicken Chop and take some photos together. Thanks you guys, I'm really appreciated all the things that we share together. Hope we will see again in the next semester. InsyaAllah, assalamualaikum. 

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