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kmk 2nd sem ; 1st outing
Sunday, December 02, 2012 • 1:18 PM
Hello assalamualaikum, i can update this blog. Thanks to Madam Syatilla, she is not coming today, so the class is canceled. So, how are you? I bet my friends already went to their university, and i stuck in matriks. Semester 2 already started, and i already learned my things, new chapter of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics. The lecturers are also strict, and i really scared to make mistake, and i have to prepare and be careful in tutorial and kuliah. Be alert! Students life is really complicated and full of interesting matters. 

So, yesterday i went to Kompleks Changlun with my buddy, Nurina. I bought a shoes because my last shoes was thrown by mak cik and pak cik that handled my room. Yeah, my room become a really crystal clear you know. They throw many things, and even the tikar getah also missing. WTF =.= ??

Kiesz, Ida, and Tiqah.

Nurina, emm, yummy!

Lastly, these are my things!

Haha, i really like to eat such merapu stuffs. Mummy Monster, Maggie Sedap and Sumi. My shoes cute right? Hahaha. Okayhs thats all i wanna stoli. I wanna watch Naruto now. Hahahaha, daaaaa assalamualaikum. 

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