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kmk 2nd sem ; 1st pspm result
Saturday, December 15, 2012 • 6:12 AM
Assalamualaikum minna. Result for PSPM Semester 1 was announced. Alhamdulillah, after some effort i managed to get 3.5. Even though it was not so strong compared to my friends, i was happy enough. Just slack for Mathematics. Regret? Yah, i feel it now. But, its ok. This Semester 2, all the lectures are so so so good. Madam Syatilla, Madam Hajar, Mr Azri, and Madam Intan is a good combination to make their students become crazy. I hope there is a good progression for PDT students. 

Okayhs, just a simple update. After this, i have to meet King of KMK, for conference. Hah, really tired maaa. I'm still here because i have to carry my family's wish. And i think, i really enjoy it. Hahaha. Okayhs, assalamualaikum.



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