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kmk 2nd sem ; pre - 2nd ups
Saturday, January 19, 2013 • 3:54 PM
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Alhamdulillah, this week i can go home. Now im here, Kulim. Lying on the bed while writing this post. Actually there are many things i need to story. Last week, i can't update this blog because there is something wrong with KMK's Network. 

Staying in KMK for second semester is really make me tired, really great tension, our eyes gonna be eye bag because we don't get enough rest and enough sleep. Many assignments, many quiz and many tests. Most important, Pra UPS Test. Last Thursday, i already done with Pra UPS for Mathematics, and alhamdulillah i can answer the questions. But i'm really regret because there are some questions that i can't answer it right, and i make many mistakes and careless. But, i can see there are changes within me for Mathematics. Positive change behavior towards Maths. And for Biology, i dunno why this semester i'm not really interested with it. The lecturer for Bio that we get, sometimes really annoys me. 

Chemistry is doing well, but i can't predict what type of questions will come out. Yah we, PDT students answering the questions that really hard 10 times from PST students. Maybe because we stuck on that topic for a long time, so they expect PDT students are someone that expert on that topic. I'm not lying to you, but for every time in Chemistry exam, i'm sweating and shivering, maybe because the questions really damn crazy and the time is really not enough. I have to run fast, increase the speed in answering all the questions. 

For Computer Science, all i need to do is memorizing all the contents. Yah, the cycle of life will be repeated. If in form 1 until form 5 i memorized the History Subject, now again i'm dealing with Computer Science. And for English, we did an essay about ''Turn Over A New Leaf''. I'm just say that i will study more for Maths, so that is my resolution in this year. Most important, i have to be a better person, since i'm already 19 years old. 

Okayhs, forget about that. Now i'm staying in my house with happy feelings. You know why? My famiily treat me with the greatest care. Abah and Mama buy me many favorite foods. That's really touched my heart. For conclusion, they are really precious to me, i will do my best in UPS that will come, just around the corner. Really, i can feel there are butterflies in my stomach, I use that statement from Sir Gurmit, worksheet.
Oh ya, now i wanna say something to Madam Marzian, my ex-biology Lecturer. Thank you so much for that KFC that you gave to me. I really appreciate that Mam! 
After all my efforts, i managed to get A for Biology. So she give to me. Not only to me, same apply for those students who get A for her tutorials. I think that all i wanna tell about. I only have a little time to waste. After this, i need to read Biology and understand what exactly Gene Expression and Mutation, since the coming week, there are Pra UPS for Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science. All da best for you, assalamualaikum.

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