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kmk 2nd sem ; 2nd pspm result
Thursday, June 06, 2013 • 8:28 PM
Assalamualaikum. As you can see the title there, alhamdulillah today i check my PSPM result Semester 2. Firstly, there are rumors about the result will be announced on 9th June 2013. But, using phone through message, i can know my result early than they were predicted. 

Seriously, my target for this semester is only 3.5 and above. But when i think about how i answered my Chemistry and Mathematics 's Papers, this thought make me a bit down. Plus the Computer Science 's Paper, yang entah ke apa apa nya, lagi la buat aku downAfter Bibah message me to let me know her gred for Chemistry, then i feel excited to know my result. Just type MOE MAK IC and send it to 15888, within 2 seconds i get to know my result. My heartbeat at a normal rate. I open that message, and i looked it carefully. 
I get A for Chemistry, Computer Science and Biology. But for Mathematics, i get B+. Omo! I slack Maths! It makes my PNGS 3.83 and my PNGK 3.67. Hoho i wanna cry! But alhamdulillah this result is better than my old result. 
Now, i wanna say THANKS to all my lecturers that is really dedicated for teaching me in this semester. Firstly, Mr Azman and Madam Hajar. Thanks for believing your students. And Madam Syatilla, although she is sick from pregnant, but she teach us with a great pressure and efforts. And i do not forget about Miss Yati and Madam Intan that are really hilarious and sometime serious in teaching my classmates and me. Lastly, Mr Azri. I really appreciate his efforts in making his students to do well in their studies, works and assignments. Oh ya, Sir Gurmit, thanks for teaching English for my semester 2. Only Allah can repay all your kindness. Then, i have nothing to say. All da best for you guys assalamualaikum.

ps : Now, I'm in Kulim. So lazy to return to KMK this Saturday.



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