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kmk 3rd sem ; ramadhan
Friday, August 02, 2013 • 12:59 AM
Assalamualaikum minna! I'm so zealous to write my story, kehkehkeh. I'm so happy because i get 10 days for holiday. Then, after Eid, we have to return to KMK to sit for UPS Examination in Semester 3. It quite tough because, i'm in my home, and all i do is only surfing the internet and enjoying myself, making me to forget about exam. I can't do that, Biodiversity is going to kill me if i'm just sitting and enjoying my self, heh =,=

Alhamdulillah i'm still breathing and have a chance to celebrate Ramadhan for this year. Even though i'm fasting at collage, i'm still happy because i can celebrate it with my friends. For example, on last 24 July 2013, Wednesday, my friends and I went to restaurant at Kangar, Perlis. We ate various kind of foods. One of them is steamboat. So yummy!

And do not forget to mention about Iftar at Matriculation. They provide us with foods according to our bloc. Since i'm staying at bloc B, i'm just sitting with my gang, Joe, Teah, Bie, Tikah, Tiqah and many lagi lah. The foods are so delicious. Hoho.

Look at the orange juice. It successfully suffering me at that moment. Baaaa just smiling and show her teeth like usually, and Bie excited to take pictures. Just want to tell you something. 
Matriculation is not a place that will bring you down or sad. It can be said a place of full of happiness if you are on the right track, struggling for tomorrow.
Then, daaaaa assalamualaikum.

ps : sorry for my broken english. 
It getting sucks when i leave it for a long time.

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