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kmk 3rd sem ; 4th long story
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 • 12:57 AM
Eira and me happily posing before going back for holiday, ngeee.

Assalamualaikum peeps. It has been a long time i didn't update my blog. I stayed at Matriks for a month and i didn't have any chance to return home. Days just passing quickly, and i hardly realized MUET and PSPM just around the corner. After returning to matriks last month, we were forced to struggle on MUET practice. Writing,Speaking, Reading and Listening. All the elements must be mastered properly.

Usual Days in Matriculation.
In Chemistry Lab.

After celebrating Eid, i returned to KMK. Starting from that, we went through like usual. Busy life as student. For my practicum K1M3T3, we got new lecturer for Chemistry. Her name is Madam Marini. Quite small and cute, but he resembled my old annoying teacher that taught me Mathematics in secondary school. Her mouth just saying random stuffs that make your blood boil, and she just fake her smile, i mean FREAKING smile. But her way in teaching really superb. You gonna understand everything that was complicated before this.

Arigatou ;
I wanted to wish THANK YOU to my friend, Attirah for buying me super duper delicious donuts and burger from McD. I just saying stupid thing to her before she went for outing, and she takes it seriously. She bought me foods, and asked me, "We are friends right?" Hell yah, you are my enemy and my friend. Thanks! And also, thank you Miss Yati for giving me ANGPAU. I will use RM15 that you gave properly. She gave me angpau, because i got A in Biology for UPS. 

Lonjakan Gemilang.
Breakfast with Ummi, Fifah and Tikah. Then posing in Dewan Kuliah.

Lonjakan Gemilang was a program arranged by lecturers for students that have been targeted to get 4 flat in this semester. I was chosen as participant, that means they put me on the list that have potential to achieve 4 flat. It shocked me for a while, but i will do at my best. The program was held on weekend, in order words, we didn't have time for resting in that week. Starting from Thursday until Saturday, we were pushed to do exercises and attend motivation program. It was a very nice momento. 

Shooting Stars. 
c o l o u r f u l.

We were not going to shoot someone. Shooting here is being photographed by someone. We, practicum K1M3T3 was photographed by Izati Omar *IO*. We wore blazer for formal pictures, and we wore the other things for free styles. 

Istana Anak Bukit ; Kedah.
I like first picture in this collage. That tree make me feel "something".

Under Biology Unit, only PDT Third Semester have a chance to visit Istana Anak Bukit, off course di Kedah keyh. We went there without paying anything, just for free, yet we could gain experience, memories and most important, FOODS! Hahaha, only joke ok. For the first time visiting istana, i could not help myself from staring the castle that has been standing for a hundred years. As we learning our historical, we already knew Kedah Tua was a great kingdom from 12th century. 

Holiday ; Raya and Preparation.
As a matriculation student, this is my first time to feel tension and scared. Not just about MUET, but PSPM also makes me sick. I have to score 3.9 in order to obtain 3.7 PNGK result. As usual, Mathematics is the subject that i need to do some reinforcement. But, the other subjects also at critical because this Sem, Chemistry has Reaction Kinetics and Organics. Biology requires higher understanding about all the process of Respiration and Photosynthesis. I also need to memorize all the Kingdoms for Biodiversity.

Computer Science also a bit tough. Complicated Logic Gate may be asked in PSPM. Calculation in converting Binary, Decimals and Hexadecimals require smart time management in exam. Can i score it? It maybe sounds hard, but if we struggle, put some Efforts and Doa, InsyaAllah , He will help us. In conclusion, i have to prepare for exam in this holiday and study week. Okayhs thats all. Thanks for reading, daaa assalamualaikum.

ps :  tired typing all these things, gonna watch anime for a while.
Salam Aidiladha.

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