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kmk 3rd sem ; ending
Saturday, November 02, 2013 • 7:39 PM
Mission was completed. Huhu kiut gitu Lucy Heartfilia.

Assalamualaikum minna. Alhamdulillah i completed my third semester yesterday. On 19 October 2013, i went back to Matriks because we had to sit for MUET Speaking and PSPM Examination. On study week, we focused on revising all the topics. All the offense and defense must be strong to go for a war.

Before facing PSPM, we went through MUET Speaking on 23 October 2013. I could not sleep on that night. My heart would not stop pounding while thinking about muet. I was not a very good in English and i was a little clumsy. I wake up early at 6 a.m. I took a bath, and performed Solat Subuh. I asked nothing, just gave me strength to face it.

I walked with my gang, Eira, Baby and Tikah. They were friends for MUET discussion. We went to library and waited for 30 minutes. That was the moment all the nervousness came to attack me. I bet all the people experiencing it. I was the first group to be tested on that day. I went to a room. Then, the examiner gave instructions about muet for 2 minutes. Then we started. When i look at the question, that was not an international topic, alhamdulillah di situ. The question asked, "What is the best way to spent your first salary?" something like that la.

We went through like usual discussion, all gave their best. I also built my own confidence. "Yeah, i can do this. They are not monsters, so what you are afraid for?" I said it in my heart. Then, i proceed with my points and thought, and sometime i talked english-malaysian. Oh crap, just terslip bodoh. The examiners could help from laughing. I felt happy, yah happy. The efforts that we did bring a nice result. Thank you, Sir Iqbal.

PSPM Third Semester.
Tutup pasal muet. Story about PSPM. PSPM for third semester started on 25 October 2013 and it was really tough. Especially for Chemistry and Mathematics. Let's start from the first subject that was English. For English, we did Graph Analysis and Extended Writing. I bet i make mistakes for Graph Analysis, and i had no points for Extended Writing. Next, Mathematics. As usual, Maths was hard to deal it. I just wrote whatever i remember. I could not do Iteration Method, because i forget how to do Differentiation. Just, i enjoyed when answering Partial Fraction Integration.

On 30 October 2013, we sat for Biology Exam. Alhamdulillah i could answer the questions, maybe because i understood the process that were discussed on this semester. On the next day, 31 October 2013, Chemistry came to attack us. Hoho, 23 marks left without answering. WTH? Okayhs, bye for solid A. I could not answer Reaction Kinetics and Ozonolysis. Just depending on Electrochemistry and Thermochemistry. I adore that topics so mussh. The last paper was Computer Science. No complicated logic gate were asked. But still, i could not answer some parts of the questions.

For overall, this exam is not really bad, but i want to forget it. I'm going to enjoy my semester break before entering final semester that is fourth semester. Happy holiday, assalamualaikum.

ps : I didn't make fun of this exam. 
I did my best, for my sake, for my parents and lecturers hope.
May Allah bless me.



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