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kmk 4th sem ; hardships
Saturday, February 22, 2014 • 3:24 PM
Assalamualaikum minna. I'm here to post my stories. The title up there is "Hardship". Kita bukan nak puisi dramatis BI yang tajuknya "In the midst of Hardship" tu okayhs? These stories are based on my experiences from this week. From 16th until 20th February 2014, I have been suffering from assignments and confusion.

We did two assignments, Biology and English assignments.  For Biology, we need to built a model to be presented. Any topic would be okay. We choose Starch Sugar Hypothesis which was hypothesis for Opening and Closing of Stomata. I went to C-Mart last weekend to buy the props or materials with Asilah, Ashan and Wani. We only took one night to finish the model. Everyone from my group gave their best. That was really satisfying. 
Taaara! All done! 

For English assignment, we need to do Writing Report based on our research. We decided to do research on "The Misuse of Laptop and Internet Among KMK Students." It quite hard because it simply needed us to apply our previous knowledge on making a folio. We need to built questionnaire, gave it to friends, analysed and conclude based on what we had found. My part was conclusion. So it was pretty difficult. But, alhamdulillah. Syud, Ain, Ashan and Asilah were the best teammates. 

I felt something wrong with my body, or more accurately the specific part was my breast. Yeah, seriously i felt something could be said as "ketulan". And i had simple cut near my nipple. My god, i was so scared and started over thinking. Breast cancer or maybe just a benignant tumor? I had no idea what was going on. Could not stop worrying and focus on study all the times. Only Allah knew my feeling, my fear. I called my mom and told her, i wanted to go home and did breast screening. There was nothing i could think, just maybe i got breast cancer at stage one. I went through the days with smile, hidden my fear from my friends, only my roomates knew my situation. 

Then, on 20th February 2014, my family came to fetch me. We went to Pantai Hospital. I felt nothing, no more fear or happiness. Just neutral. I registered my name and waited for 30 minutes. Then, a doctor came and checked me. Nothing to be embarassed about. Without wasting my time, i opened my bra and let him to examine me. Then, they did an ultrasound to detect any discrete tissue that could cause cancer. At last alhamdulillah, i didn't have any chronic disease. No tumor, no cancer. A lot of thanks to my family, roomates and besties. Only Allah could repay all of your kindness. 

Turned to other topic, i already completed my UPU and USM Phase I. 
I had no idea whether these were the right courses to be filled. I just filling it based on the subjects that i like. Still, i wanted to continue my study on science stream. Chemistry or Biology, both of them have their own uniqueness. Allah was the one who decided it. Okayhs, i had nothing left to story. Then, see you again dear, assalamualaikum!

ps ; sorry for my broken English, dah lama tak practice grammar.
oh ya, Byakuya and Rukia Kuchiki so cute when they were fighting together against Nodt.

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