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kmk 4th sem ; ending
Thursday, May 08, 2014 • 2:28 PM
Last eating in front of banquet.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera para readers! Holla, as you can see the title up there, i already finished my education at matriculation. I was PDT student, means i stayed there for two years. Moments, memories, friendship and everything i learned there, insyaAllah i wouldn't forget. Today, i want to story my past events and memories before leaving KMK.

My Classmates (K1M3T4A) - ( 09/04/2014 ; Wednesday )
I bought Nikon D3100 and brought it to KMK. My intention was to test it, so i brought it to our class, more specific Computer Science Tutorial class. We waited for Madam Zaini about 15 minutes, and sadly she didn't come. Ashan opened her wechat and confirmed Madam Zaini couldn't come on that day. So, without wasting our time, we took some pictures together.
So contra - my height with Syud's height. 

Yang hujung sekali tu, Atikah Aziz *betoi tak tau aku eja nama dia*. She was the backbone in our class. Atau lebih tepat lagi, dialah tulang belakang *takkan aku nak kata spinal cord pulok?* yah, tulang belakang yang menyokong kelas kami. Seringkali saja dia back up kami bila lecturer tanya. Kami semua krik-krik, then dia, Ashan, Madiey or Haris yang slalu jawab. Kelas kami ada 9 orang, satu-satunya lelaki dalam kelas kami ialah Haris. Well, i believed he adapted quite nice and fast. Dalam kelas tu aku paling pendek, and Syuhada paling tinggi. Asilah paling blur. Chah paling gila. Ain pulak saiko and Ashan relax ja. Madiey? Yes, she was and is sweet talker, kahkahkah. Everyone had their own habit and attitude. First time masuk kelas ni, memang semua orang hidup berpuak-puak. But gradually, we mixed with each other. Shared our opinions together, tried and gave our best for assignments. My last sem quite meaningful with them. Thanks!

My Last Day of Lecture, Tutorials - ( 10/04/2014 ; Thursday )
Everyone excited when it comes to our last and final day of Lecture and Tutorials. Ayat biasa, "Wahh, hari ni kita last blajar." Wei, hampa tak tau ka, study week nak mai blasah, PSPM duk senyum kat kita? Hahaha. Hari tu aku tuang kelas Tutorial BI, mintak maaf Sir Shaiful! Aku just pi kuliah Kimia and Maths. Hari tu kan, Madam Che Yom yang slalu tegas and garang tu, nampak macam sedih ja. Alololo, sob sob aku pun sedih gak. Last lecture, last time dengar suara dia mengajar. Well, aku bukan rajin pon, time study week memang tobat ar aku nak pi cubic. 
Kebanyakkan pictures ini di snap oleh Mr Zuhdi. Thanks yah, Zuhdi!

Itu adalah kami semua yang tak segan silu bergambar depan DKK. Memang posing sakan ar. Dalam duk posing tu, ada jugak la rasa sedih, hahaha. OMG, lastly i could take photo with Izuan! Heheh!

Last Outing at CMart Changlun - ( 11/04/2014 ; Friday )
I went to CMart Changlun with my besties, Attirah, Fifah, and Teah. Bajet pi bukan duk beli pa pun. We wanted to photo shoot and recorded our videos together. My purpose was to record all our moments to make Movie Video (MV). 
Drooling while staring at cakes!

Firstly, we went to games centre. Tengok si Afifah yang masuk dalam kereta api tuh, kiutt je! Hahaha! We played bowling together. See? Nampak aku action dengan Attirah gambar kat atas tu? Ala yang tengah pegang bola bowling tu la! Ha, dengan semangat kental di jiwa aku pon action la lempaq bola. Last-last BOLA MASUK LONGKANG! Hahahaha. Not my fault, that was my first time to play bowling! Then, we bought whatever we wanted to buy. We ate Pizza, then we went to Blackwood to buy Mocha Ice Blend. One Ice Blend cost RM14? Cekik darah! Tapi kopi dia memang kawww arrh! Attirah really generous! She treated my roomates and me cupcakes that she bought from CMart. Sooo kiuuttt and yummy with beautiful designs. Thanks friend!

Maths Program Before PSPM - ( 12/04/2014 ; Saturday )

Ini adalah program Maths kali terakhir yang dijalankan sebelum PSPM. We had four sets of model questions. Each set had 10 questions. OMG, penattt dooohhh, tambah-tambah mai kena blasah ngan tajuk Data Description. Jenoh nak mengira! Nasib baiklah unit Maths dak pon Madam Aiza sponsor makanan ringan. Buleh la, kami duk mamah ngan kunyah kacang-kacang pelbagai aneka. Tapi kan, aku rasa hari tu, kami bukan duk mengira pun, pakat duk bergosip ja, hahahaha.

Dinner Malam Fashionista Seri Temin - ( 12/04/2014 ; Saturday )
Event ini berlaku dalam hari yang sama, cuma ianya diwaktu malam. Of course dear, nama pun DINNER, sah-sah la malam. Dinner ini khas untuk penghuni Blok B sahaja! You got it? Terang tang tang nama SERI TEMIN di situ, bukan SERI LAKA iaitu Blok C. Dinner Seri Laka dijalankan sebelum  dinner Blok B. Aku yang menghuni Blok B selama dua tahun berturut-turut memang tak terkecuali la, heheh. 
See? Semuanya comey-comey belaka, including me keyh? Hahahaha, me - kalau perasan memang tahap dewa, hahahaha. Semua orang malam tu berjubah-jubah, berdress-dress and aku sorang saja kowt yang pakai baju kurung. Malas nak pikiaq banyak-banyak, bab baju ni aku susah sikit. Dah la makin gemok, haiiisshhh macam mana ni Ghah? Hang dah makin kuruiihhh, jelez i. Pokoknya, we had fun that night. We ate many kind of foods, and the dessert was ice cream. We took pictures and we sang plenty of songs. Oh ya, Eira and Balkhis who joined the singing competition that night won the prize. I didn't eat so much, i was more focused on capturing and recording the pictures and videos.

Enjoy with foods! - ( Too many dates )
On study week, with full cooperation among us, we ordered pizza and off course we shared our money together. We had no idea at which place we should eat that pizza. Baby didn't want to eat in our room. She wanted to create memories before our final exam. Unfortunately, the rain become crazy that day, fell non stop with lightning and thunder. And like kids, we went through and reached Astaka. At Astaka, we met with Lecturer Koko. Ah, such headache. Zarra dok ketaq sorang-sorang sebab dia pakai jeans, hahaha. Without feeling scared or ketaq, we ate pizza together after Ashan took it from pizza delivery man at Gate of KMK. Then, after several days, Wani treated us, her roomates with Burger Bakar. She bought from Kafe B2. And then, when Attirah outing to CMart, i ordered her a cake. I treated her, Teah and my roomates with that cake. Ah, such a wonderful feeling. 

My Last Day at KMK - ( 29/04/2014 ; Tuesday )
My last night at KMK was not so good. I watched my friends went home and left me alone. I watched them quietly not screaming, shouting or crying. I believed whatever happened in our lives was an order and arrangement from our Lord. In order word, it was DESTINY. To make it more meaningful, i often enjoyed the time i spent together with them. 
We went to Attirah's room first. We took pictures and we helped her by bringing her things to her father's car. Before she left, yes we hugged. Uh, i felt something. Maybe pain in my heart. I ignored because it was not necessary to feel. I apologized for all my mistakes and faults. She went home at 10 p.m on 28/0402014. Also at that night, we went to Kafe B2 to buy Chicken Chop. While waiting our dishes, we watched television. After 30 minutes, yeah itadakimasu! Then, in the morning of my last day, on 29/04/2014, i went out with my friends. We took pictures. Yes, afterall i really was and i really am photophile ( a person who loves photography ). When my family reached KMK, Teah and Asilah help me to carry my things and stuffs. Thanks Besties! Jasamu dikenang. Sedihnya, sob sob sob :(

My last speech.
A lot of thanks to lecturers who supported us for 2 years. You gave us knowledge, advises and you treated us like your son/daughter. We already worked hard to get best result to be proud by you. All of your hard works and services, i believed only Allah can repay. May Allah bless your lives. And also, thanks to my friends who fought and struggled with me till the end of our education. Our memories will remain with me till i die *insyaAllah*. And for my family, thanks for supporting me mentally and financially, heheh. And to You, Allah - thanks for everything.
Then, there's nothing more i want to story. Everything was completely told, assalamualaikum.

ps ; i already fell for Roronoa Zoro in One Piece.

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