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gap ; happy eid
Sunday, August 10, 2014 • 8:24 PM
WARNING : This post contains many photos/pictures and they take time to be loaded and maybe they gonna waste your broadband/wifi quota. Feel free to click X to stop loading ^^ *Not the X exit yah!* All pictures in this post were not edited to preserve their original qualities and because of my laziness HAHA. 

Assalamualaikum and moshi moshi minna-sama! ENNAMOON K. is here to update her blog! The speed of my internet is still unsatisfying. Slow as Achatina fulica, *it is scientific name for Siput Babi*. You gonna understand it when you learn Biodiversity in Biology subject. Hah, just ignore it. I gonna write now because i'm not too keen to postpone my stories. Afterall i hate to type a long stories! I know it is really late to wish you Happy Eid, but yeah, Happy Eid! Eid this year is so different for me. I didnt visit my relatives at all! All i did were spending my time at Cameron Highland and visiting my friends, more specific, matriculation friends.
  • Holiday at Cameron Highland.
I was from an ordinary family and we were usually spending our time at home watching television. But it was really different for Eid on this year. We went to Cameron on 3rd day of Eid. We didnt plan anything. Abah asked it out of the blue and mom agreed without thinking. We, the siblings followed the flow. They packed their things at night with excited feeling. I woke up early because i didnt pack anything yet! I only brought 2 pairs of t-shirts and trousers. And also my make-up products and towel. Most important item that i brought was my Nikon-310. We left our home at 8:00 a.m and reached there at 12:30 p.m with the help of Global Positioning System *GPS*.

Abah drove us with careful manner :D

Usually i didnt have any experiences with motion sickness. Yeah, seriously! I could bear it when we visited Jerai Hill last time. But after barely 4 hours journey to Cameron Highland, i threw up! Oh my goshh! It was such an embarrassing moment! My younger sister had no problem because she already ate the motion sickness medicine before leaving home, more accurate she ate Dimenhydrinate. After vomiting, my stomach started to make a sound. They also felt the same thing. Abah stopped at Time Tunnel Museum searching for foods. We ate there *I forget the restaurant's name*. Then, we took photos. But i only upload this one :D

I didnt appear in this picture since i was the one who snapped it, whee.

We didnt enter Time Tunnel Museum because we planned to enter it on the next day. We continued our journey to Jasmine Hotel. Kimi already searched for a cheap hotel in agoda.com. We checked in at 12:15 p.m. We unpacked our things and rested for 3 hours in our room, No 106, 2nd floor. 

Price was reasonable. It properly fitted with the room conditions and services.

At 3:00 p.m, we woke up and took baths. We walked to Pasar Malam near the hotel. OMG! Make sure when you get holiday at Cameron Highland, dont forget to visit Pasar Malam. The items were pretty cheap! You can get a basket of strawberries with only RM25. A BASKET dear! Not that common or random plastic pack! Make sure you buy it here. Then, you can see the other various items and stuffs here, such as vegetables, fruits, foods, clothes, key chains and pillows *i adore caterpillar pillow! They are soo cute!*. 

Haha, still had enough time to pose!

Mom got crazy with Key-chains!

Stopped here to buy kacang kuda :)

And here to buy Nasi Ayam.

On the way to return hotel.

At hotel we ate the foods that we bought at Pasar Malam. Most delicious dessert was Strawberry Chocolate! So yummy with sweet-sour taste! 

They enjoyed their meal to the fullest, ngee ^^

We bought this Strawberry Gemok from Ahmoi at Pasar Malam. She was so friendly. I also bought Jambu Epal and Jagung, but i'm too lazy to upload it here =.= 

We stayed in our room till the next day. We didnt go out at night. We spent our time by watching television, more accurate watching cartoon on Astro HBO channel. On the next day, after taking a bath, ironing our shirts/hijabs and re-packing our things, we checked out from the hotel. We went to restaurant to fill our stomach first.

Many lauk pauks hahaha!

Kimi makan dengan bergayanya, cheh =,=

Then after finishing our meal, we went to Strawberry Corner and Uncle Sam Farm. You can see lots of strawberries there. At Uncle Sam Farm, there were cacti *plural form of cactus. Same thing applies to alveoli which is plural form of alveolus*  and other plants. 

In front of Strawberry Corner.

Oh God! These cacti were so colourful!

I hope my parents will remain together for eien, Amin.

When i found this, seriously i remembered Miss Yati soo much. I miss how she taught us in lecture about Bryophytes from Kingdom Plantae.

Entrance of Uncle Sam Farm. 

You can see this cute little bamboo tree at Uncle Sam Farm.

Then we went to Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm.

Dont forget to enter Bee Museum when you stop at Tringkap.

I bought 1Malaysia ice cream. So yummy with concentrated strawberry.

Next, we went to Cameron Lavender. You need to pay if you wanna enter here. RM5 for adult and RM3 for kid.

Huhu, full of flowers!

Line up there :D

We were surrounded by flowers!

Close up range picture. I like to play with aperture!

Strawberry Milk Shake! So yummy :)

 I bought these cacti and brought them home. Hope they will survive :D 

We didn't enter Time Tunnel Museum, Butterfly and Bee Park because there was no parking at that time. Huh, such regretful moments huaaa! But alhamdulillah, i had an opportunity to go there once in my life. Maybe i will visit it again with my future husband lol! 

  • Celebrated Wani's Sister Wedding.
On 6th day of Eid, i went to Kupang, Baling to attend Wedding Ceremony. My ex roomate, Nurul Azwani invited my family and me. After 1 hour journey, we reached her house. Because we didnt take any breakfast, we ate it to the fullest, hahaha! Wani thanked me because i came that day. After 4 months didnt meet, she seems lost her weight a little bit. I didnt know whether it applied to me as well, hahah!

My mom and my younger sista ate bubur after they ate nasi, cheh!

Wani's sister and me. Congratulations, kak Dayah :D

From left, Wani, Mom, Kak Dayah and me.

  • Visited Teah's House.
On the same date, after celebrating at Wani's house, we went to Teah's house. I promised her on my last day at Matriculation that i will visit her during Eid. She made Mee Hun Soup and Laksa. Her house was located at Malau. It took about 20 minutes to search her house.

I enjoyed my self soo much. She was my bestfriend since semester 2. She always supported me in my hard or happy moments. Her family was so friendly. So, it was not so awkward when we reached her house or when we started our conversation, hahah. Teah and me left our families alone. I hate to communicate in formal language. I preferred a normal one. Just between us, we could create gila-gila situation, haha. We talked about our UPU. She wanted to proceed her study on Community Science, which is out of our original course. Our original course was extreme. We were once PURE SCIENCE students. Asilah also wanted to proceed her study on Graphics Multimedia. And me? I wanted to further my study on Computer Science and Multimedia but my father against it. Lastly i filled the UPU with Forensic Science and Petroleum Chemistry. Then, we talked about our past memories. Hmm, beautiful yet very sad. We talked about random stuffs, not so heavy topics. She also gave me Rambutan, yummy! Hmm, so lets stop here. I believed i already told you about all of my Eid's events. Then, till we meet again, daa Assalamualaikum :D

ps : I'm so scared with my UPU result that will be announced on 12th August.

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