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Monday, September 01, 2014 • 11:21 AM
Assalamualaikum minna! I'm here to write my last post before entering university. Today, 01th September 2014, Monday - I'll leave my sweet little home to proceed my study at Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. As you can see from my previous post, i got 2 offers. Really, i didn't know which course i should proceed. I realized, it was the hardest choice i made in my life. I have no idea about my future. What i want to be? What subject i like the most? So messed up!

Forensic Science or Petroleum Chemistry? From my honest opinion, i wanted proceeding my study on Forensic Science. But my parents wanted me to proceed my study on Petroleum Chemistry. Same applied to my lecturers. They preferred me to continue with Petroleum Chemistry. I know, i have a little crush on Chemistry. But, my friends said Chemistry is killer subject in university!

At last, 2 weeks ago - I made up my mind - PETROLEUM CHEMISTRY. Yeah, I'm going to proceed my study on Bachelor Sains (Kepujian) Major Kimia Petroleum. I'll spend 4 years studying this course. All the hardships - I hope i'll stay strong to face them all. FRIENDSHIP? I don't expect any friendship in university. You can say i'm cold or cruel. But you have to know - people who are cruel, once they cared too much.

Nah, i don't want to blab even further here. Just a little more. I wish you good luck, my friends who are furthering their studies in universities. And also, i would like to say "THANK YOU, ABAH AND MAMA" for everything you have done. I nearly cried when arranging my documents. They were too complicated! And i was really grateful because i had my ABAH to accompany me when it came to handle all the formal dealings and occasions. He also bought me a new ASUS Laptop matching with my expectations - Intel Core i5, NVIDIA GEFORCE with 820M, 4GB Random Access Memory *RAM*, and 1TB Hard Disc Drive *HDD*. All these specifications are really needed/required in Multimedia editing or maybe Games playing.

Then, till we meets again. I want to pack my things. I'll leave my house at this 12:30p.m. Pray for my safety and i hope Allah may ease everything. Even now i'm trembling with excitement and i feel a little scary to step into a new phase of my life, Assalamualaikum.

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