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upm 1st sem ; deep forest
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 • 2:42 PM
That song is played again,
Yeah surely it brings me to remember,
My old friends, my old MEMORIES.   

It reminds me,
How pure i was in the past,
How dumb i was, when answering an examination,
How happy i was, when i live up my life,
How beautiful it was, when having friendships,
How painful it was, when i got betrayed,
How strong i was, in order to survive.   

And while listening to it, i desire to
repeat them (memories) again, experience them again,
Eventhough i know, they cant be repeated.  

What remains now,
is just called as fragments of MEMORIES.   

I miss them, i miss them very much.
As much as i wanna cry so hard,

The title of this song is Fukai Mori/Deep Forest by Do As Infinity. You can click to that title to view its lyric. It was used as second ending of Inuyasha featuring Sesshomaru as the main character *only in this song*. When i listened to it, i'll remember my past, especially when i was in form 2. 

Its lyric is kinda hard to digest maybe. You may find many japanese songs have very complicated lyric. But that is their uniqueness, i believed. For you, who are now in form 1 till form 5, i hope you enjoy your life to the fullest. Make sure you have no regret in every action you took. When you entering matric or university phase, it'll not be the same as your primary or secondary school. Believe me dear, hehe. Okay, that's all. Daaaaa, assalamualaikum. 

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