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gap ; reunion umie & chark arh
Sunday, February 08, 2015 • 10:59 PM
Assalamualaikum minna! Long time no see, ENNAMOON K. was very depressed by knowing her result last 2 weeks. Nah, it was so heartbreaking. I couldn't cry because it was not my way to handle problems. I simply wrote and listed my problems and steps to be taken to prevent them from happening again. And most effective solution was expressing them through poem, making my previous entry was a poem, Promise.

No need to cry, regret was enough to break me whole. What i can do after this is moving on without forgetting them, my terrible memories. They'll be catalyst to push me harder than before, *sigh*, im too tired. I wish i can return to my old days. Just be a little girl and enjoying my life while watching animes and reading manga(s)! Nah, snap it out! You are 21 years old, Zalina hahahah! After 6 years you are going to be someone's wife, kahkahkah *tu pun kalau ada jodoh*

Umie and Chark Arh? They are my old friends from my secondary school. We reunited at Kulim Landmark, just for fun. Err what we call it nowdays? Berjimba? Aku tak tau kenapa, asal aku sebut "jimba" ja, automatically aku teringat Farouk, budak kos aku. Maybe sebab Farouk suka sangat berjimba kot. Ah, dia sekarang ni dah kat Jepun maybe, bcoz terlibat ngan program apa ntah. Hope you are safely arrive, hahahah. Sambung cerita tadi, we met at 3p.m and we wanted to watch movie. But unfortunately there was no movie could attract us, fuh. We ended up by just taking pictures, hahaa.

 Umie makin kiut, ha!

 Chark Arh dok kering macam dulu gak ah. 

Nampak gaya aku kena kuruskan badan ni, hahaha. 

After that we went to KFC. Lapaq kot. Aku dah la tak makan lagi masa tuuuu, huhu. Masa tu la kami sembang kemain, cerita pasal kehidupan kat universiti and bla-bla. I bet you already know what women like to talk about, heh.

~ Aha, Umie siap buat peace lagi. ~

Not only that, we went to karaoke. Umie yang paling banyak jerit, aku pulak banyak gelak, hahaha. Chark Arh yang pro sebab dia memang penyanyi dari kecik lagi. Even kat skolah dulu pun dia yang jadi wakilnya, haha.

Umie ngan Chark Arh semangat sungguh depa dok nyanyi, heee. 

Frankly to say, i was really happy because we could be reunited, even though we had our own schedules and problems to be handled. And everyone was separated by different programs, courses, and universities. 
Now, we are not students for primary or secondary school anymore. Some of my friends already married and have kids. And there are also some of my friends very busy in managing their jobs. But majority still studying in universities, proceeding their journey to fulfill their own dreams, to be a doctor, engineer, teacher and others. 
Enough for babbling nonsense. What i want to say, i simply enjoying our reunion, thanks friends! I hope we can meet again in the future, heheh. Then, assalamualaikum.

ps : enjoying my holiday unproductively >.<

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