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upm 3rd sem ; 3rd turning point
Saturday, October 31, 2015 • 5:54 PM
Assalamualaikum readers. Alhamdulillah, i'm here - still breathing while typing this entry. It has been a long time i didn't update my blog, right? I was busy with my daily routine - studying and managing projects, maybe? Studylah sangat, mai tang result - semuanya kelaut, HAHAHA.

Alhamdullillah, my mental can keep up with my pace now. Kalau dulu, maybe aku doomed tahap gila babi.  Dapat markah rendah dalam test 1 dah nanges sob sob, call abah call mama saying that "i can't do it!" When i remember my life during my first sem, i'm going to be like - "what? lemahnya aku dulu".
Yes, when you are exposed to a great pressure for the first time, you gonna face a very hellish life. Adapting is a key to revive your happy life.
Now, in my second year i learn that, everything is not just about the result. Semua tu hanyalah atas kertas. Your pointer, your efforts - everything is recorded just on a simple-plain paper. Kau hafal tahap nak mati, then kau lupa - it means tiada gunanya. What's important is how you are going to apply your knowledge to improve your community? Now, aku sangat sokong motto UPM -"Berilmu Berbakti".

So return to the title of this entry - Turning Point. What do you understand about turning point? From my opinion, turning point is referring to a change in situation that is resulted from your decision. For me, this is my third turning point. My first turning point was when i decided to further my study in KMK and the second turning point was when i furthered my study on Petroleum Chemistry. It effectively changed my life for 360 degree - dealing with chemicals, lab reports, staying in Selangor(parting with my family, of course), change my lorat Kedah, and dealing with bitches. Well, they are very nice experiences when you are looking at positive and bright side HAHAHA.

So now, my third turning point is resulted from my targets. I have listed all of my target that i want to achieve when i'm still alive, insyaallah. The most important that i want to change is something from my inner-self. I want to be brave when dealing with people and i want to be more positive and stronger than before. Sudah tiada istilah Zalina penakut or something that can twist me. I won't think about other's opinions more. I'll just, if i want it, then i'll do it. I'm shutting down my old self - my nice side maybe. After this, i'm going to be more aggressive and impulsive (tertiba terbawak term fizik kat sini hahah). I want to be better and better, insyaallah. So, this is a list of my targets.

1. Someone with knowledge 
  • About Religion (Islam) and apply it in real life.
  • About Academic (Petrochem and etc)
2. Someone who is capable in handling different kinds of situations with applying 7KI.
  • Involve in different programs - grab experiences.
  • Involve in outbound program - hopefully terpilih, insyaallah. *But i need to repair my pointer first hahaha.*
3. Someone with beauty 
  • Kulit cerah
  • Kuruihhhh, hopefully HAHAHA. 
4. Someone with carrier
  • Writing novel. 
Laugh if wanna laugh, i'm very determine to proceed my intentions. After all, humans need to evolve, right? You must have dreams, coz if you don't you are empty, get it? So, this challenge starts tomorrow - 1st November 2015 until 1st November 2018. 3 years to make changes, doakan aku panjang umur and aku kuat untuk melakukan perubahan, insyaallah. Well then, see you again babe, assalamualaikum.

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