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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 • 4:50 PM
It repeats and repeats again,
Even though i said i "won't do it again",
It keeps repeating again.

This cycle of life, this cycle of heartstrings won't stop,
I keep circling in this cycle,
Someone, please help to set me free,
I know, only God can help me. 

O my soul, where are you now?
I'm searching for you,
I'm tired, i'm worried,
I'm petrified, freezing here,
Unable to move on, without you in my heart.

My resolution will not do,
If you keep hiding, not come out,
Slowly it will make me experiencing - emotionless,
Shut down all of my desires, slowly disappear,
My heart starting to die, the beats can't be heard anymore.

The life experiences bring me to my limit,
Rise and fall, happy and sad,
Are the colors that decorate my journey,
I'm still far from my target, from my dream,
And because of that, please strengthen my heart, my soul,
Even though i'm in the middle of searching you.

ps : waiting for a week before returning to my lovely hometown, Kedah.

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