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gap ; reunion umie, wani & ekin
Thursday, February 04, 2016 • 1:36 PM
Taraaaa! We met again, my fellow smkkians, HAHAHA. 

Assalamualaikum minna-sama. Hello, i'm here, updating my blog. For your information, i returned to Kulim for 3 weeks already - celebrating my semester break, yeeehaa! Afterall my final exam was not very good - for overall. My Organic II paper - hancusss, i believed. Ah, just forget it. In Kulim, I was not doing anything particularly, just laying lazily - simply rotting. If i ask for jobs, surely i will not be accepted or approved because my holiday just barely a month. 
Selfies at food court. 

We, smkkians planned to reunite. Actually we planned for our group only - my exclassmates, form 1 Arif. There were six people involved. But yeah, everyone was not free as me. Lastly, only 4 of us could attend. They were Umie, Wani, Ekin and me. I didn't care actually. If Umie and me only attended the reunion - it also would be fine. I already anticipated this. When you planned something, many of them said they'll join, but when it comes to that day - only few of them able to make it. 

First thing we did was grabbing foods - we ate KFC. While eating, many topics were discussed - study, exam, boyfriends, kahwin, future planning and etc. One thing i realized, even though we wore make-up and dress up, our minds was not exactly reflecting our appearances. Everyone was so childish - immature behaviour. It reminds me to our old days in smkk. But i believe, even though our childish behaviour was defenselessly projected, our inner core is strong enough after 5 years of separation and after 5 years we struggled facing a lots of experiences. We have better judgement and improvement in controlling emotions. 

Umie and Ekin, hahaha.

Wani, stop teasing me, hahaha.

Ekin and Wani shopping ribbons! They were so cute. 

Wani returned home early because she came with her mom. The rest of us - me, Ekin and Umie spent our time watching movie - The 5th Wave. Omaigod, in that cinema - me and Umie laughing so hard even though the scenes were not so funny enough. I don't know why, but when watching movie with me - even the scenes is crazy or scary as hell, i can't feel scared, i just laugh. The 5th Wave was good, but for me - it was not finished. The aliens were not totally terminated, and what the hell was that? Hey director, it is not good you know - hanging audiences with cliffhanger! I hope the movie has the second part as The Maze Runner, hahaha. Oh ya, thanks Ekin for treated us with popcorns and soft drinks. I enjoyed this reunion and i hope we will meet again, assalamualaikum. 

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