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upm 4th sem ; kem eksplorasi sains smk muhibbah
Sunday, February 28, 2016 • 11:54 AM
Yeehhaa, all people involved in this program - say cheese !

Assalamualaikum minna, i'm here updating my blog. I returned to Universiti Putra Malaysia earlier than my coursemates due to my involvement in Kem Eksplorasi Sains at SMK Muhibbah. I already promised to myself that i will change my inner core to be more open, grabbing all soft skills in order to prepare myself for future. I believe nowdays everything is difficult. Even you want to apply for jobs, there are so many criteria are required. And i feel empty if i just wasting my time without doing anything (mereput). Well, melagha is not good right? So, on 13th February 2016, Saturday - i went back to my house at Seri Kembangan, Selangor. I experienced homesick and it really really sucks! I cried because i miss my family. Nah, now i realize that i'm not a real mature as i ought to be. I asked Intan for help. I left my motorcycle at MSN, Kolej Keenam. She picked me and brought me to MSN. Then, i got my motorcycle, omg i miss you my Honda Wave! Everything was running smoothly since i got my motorcycle. It ease my movement around UPM, nananana.

Everyone was working hard. 

In this program, my position was Ahli Jawatankuasa Aktiviti. Since i'm chemistry student, i was responsible for planning all activities which involving chemistry. It was tough, but with the helps of seniors and friends, i was able to make it out alive. We met every night to discuss and to prepare for the best, yeeehaaa! Then, on 19th Februrary 2016, Friday we went to SMK Muhibbah, Sungai Siput, Perak. The journey took 4 hours from UPM. I slept for 3 hours in the bus, haha. I was too tired from preparing the materials needed for my slot, pH indicator activity. We reached there at 2p.m. We ate and we gathered students who were involved at Dewan Terbuka SMK Muhibbah.

  • FIRST DAY - 19th February 2016, Friday.
Pear memang hebat ah dalam menghandle students.

The students got some stuffs from upm in red plastic bag - They got something like a book and a pen which were sponsored by Faber Castell, alhamdulillah. The activities for the first day were Ikatan Zarah and Sukaneka. Ikatan Zarah was conducted just at Dewan Terbuka, whereas Sukaneka was conducted by Linda next to Dewan Terbuka. 
Linda bersemangat! Go go chayok! Hahaha.

Facilitators helped students to build their own flags and cheers.

Ikatan Zarah focused on ice breaking. 120 students were split into 12 groups and all facilitators were separately assigned to that 12 groups. I was with Intan and Xy. We got group Nonagon and we had discussion with students from group 9. We made our own flag, cheers and we changed our group name to Bumi

Makan, adik makan!

Then, we did Sukaneka. There were 4 activities involved in this slot - Makan buah berganti, Lipan bara lari, Penjaga belon kaki and Timba air. Makan buah berganti. Hmm, nama pun buah berganti kan ? There were 4 different fruits (melons, tangerine, coconut and apple) and their difficulty level were not same. Maksud aku kat sini, macam mana depa nak habiskan buah tu. Tahap kesukaran tu berbeza-beza. Contohnya, buah tembikai besar nak mampus, so kau kena cepat-cepat habiskan. Pastu buah limau kena kupas dulu. Buah kelapa kena kikis dengan sudu and lastly, buah epal kena makan tanpa pegang dengan tangan. Every group sent 4 students and they fought to be the first one finishing the race. The second activity under this slot was Lipan bara lari - they attached their legs in front of their friend, forming a line of centipede (for a group). Then, they moved just using their hands to the end point (macam term titration ja ni, haha). It was quite funny to see their movement using hands, haha. Well done adik-adik!

Pijak, adik pijak, hahaha.

Then, Penjaga Belon Kaki pulak aktivitinya involved balloons and tali rapia. They tied balloons at their legs and they punctured their own friend's balloons hahaha. Aktiviti ni tikam menikam kawan ni, bahaya donggg. The last activity under Sukaneka was Timba Air. Bagi aku Timba Air ni lah yang susah nak mati. They were provided with 2 buckets. 1 buckets was filled 1/2 of water. They also was given a bottle that was half cut. That bottle had been punctured and tied with 4 ropes. Every group must sent 4 representatives. Then, these representatives grabbed their own rope and pulled it with careful manner, to take water and put it into the next bucket. This activity focused on stability. Aku nampak ada ja yang main tipu. Well, biasalah tu. Budak-budak kan? Tahap aku pun terkial-kial nak buat benda ni, hahaha. These activities were finished barely at 7 p.m. Then, we met again at 8.30 p.m.

All facilitators/demonstrators were working hard to explain the concept.

The slot that took place at 8.30 p.m was Demonstrasi Sains. We showed them the magic of science to direct their interest on science stream, insyaallah. The demonstrations involved Non Newtonium Fluid, Giant Bubbles, Invisible Rod, Smoking Effect, Lung Volume and Lava Lamp. These activities were planned by each representative of different departments. Since i'm chemistry student, i planned the Giant Bubbles and Lava Lamp. But facilitators who conducted the experiments were randomly selected. Alhamdulillah, Lava Lamp memang betul-betul menjadi, but Giant Bubbles tu slack sikit maybe ramuan tak betul hahahaha. But at least aku tahu macam mana nak buat and tali apa yang perlu aku guna. I gonna apply it when i return home - playing with my younger brother and sister yeehaa!

  • SECOND DAY - 20th February 2016, Saturday. 
Ni lecturer-lecturer yang pro dalam bidang masing-masing. They are from Young Scientist Network.

The next day - we got perasmian. Mestilah majlis tu formal. Ada pensyarah datang and bagi ucapan. Pensyarah-pensyarah ni for example Prof Basyar datang and explain the real mission of this program - iaitu untuk menarik minat pelajar orang asli dalam bidang sains. Yes, we went there to change the mindset of students who thought that science is difficult. 

Then, this program was proceeded with the other slots : slot pH indicator (chemistry),  Air Rocket (physic), Target Numbers (Mathematics) and Finding Murderer (biology)

Muka-muka inilah yang terlibat dalam slot aku, arigatogozaimasu. Yang atas kanan tu tuan pengarah, adib haha. 

Since i'm chemistry student, my slot is pH indicator. As we already knew, pH indicator is used to determine the characteristic of materials or substances whether they are acid, base or neutral. So, my slot has many stuffs to be determined and it involved many ways such as by using their own senses by tasting, touching and by using the ordinary way - litmus paper. That was their activity. My activity was demonstrating pH indicator by using Red Cabbage. I showed them how to prepare and extracting the red cabbage pigment - Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is really important because its existence will help in determining the pH of materials or substances. Millions of thanks to my teammates, Zizan, Fardeal, Nora and Ain. They helped me lots! Every slot has 30 students needed to be handled. Just imagine gaisss! Okay let me story the flow of my slot, pH indicator. 

When students entered that lab, they were explained about chemistry - pros and cons. Why they should proceed their study with chemistry? What are the attractions or greatness of chemistry? What careers involve chemistry? They were exposed the prior knowledge of chemistry. 

Omaigod, so colorful HAHA. 

Then, Zizan explained about the activity that they were required to do that day - testing all materials or substances to know their characteristic using Red Cabbage. They were asked to cut the cabbages then they had to boil it with the Fardeal's guide. Sementara menantikan kubis itu mendidih, we played puzzles. They need to solve the puzzles and determined the characteristic of materials or substances that were displayed on that puzzles. This puzzle activity was conducted by Nora and Ain

Then, to drag time - Zizan and Fardeal added the other activity - the explosion of coca cola. Only add 7 menthos to coke, then booommmss! Enjoy sungguh depa dua-dua orang ni hahaha. I don't know what was happening to the other slots since i was in the lab on that day, all of time. Seharian weyh, balik-balik je ke surau terus aku terbungkang sampai subuh. 

  • THIRD DAY - 21st February 2016. Sunday. 
On the last day, we did Perlumbaan Sainstis, in other words - explorace. There were 12 checkpoints. Intan, Xy and i was on checkpoint 9. Checkpoint 9 involved chemistry which was Ball and Stick Model. Students need to solve the puzzles and they were asked to build the structure of that substance or molecules displayed on puzzle using ball and stick model. 

You allss say cheeseee, yeehaa!

Macam tu jugaklah, checkpoint lain aku tak tahu apa yang jadi kat diaorang because i was in my slot all of time. Didn't have opportunity to visit others. Then, habis je explorace kitaorang proceed dengan majlis penutupan. Students got hampers, and we selfies a lots! Tengok tu ha, macam-macam ragam lol, whatever. In nutshell, i got many things by joining this program. Mengajar is not simple as you think, seriously. It was quite difficult if students didn't give any responses. And in program, everyone must give their best to ensure this program successfully achieved target. 

Macam ni ha, our program ada dalam metro harian! I'm so proud. Thank you for everything.

ps : Well then, byebye you alls. Aku nak kuruskan badan. Sekarang dah 64kg. 

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