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upm 4th sem ; kimpet's day 1.0
Saturday, May 28, 2016 • 8:20 PM
السلام عليكم
So last Friday my coursemates and i had barbecue at Bukit Ekspo, UPM. This event was planned by Asheeq, a representative of our batch. The objective of this event is to make us knowing each other deeper than before as well as to break a wall between us - since some of us are ex-matriculation and others are ex-asper.

This beauty creature beside me is Felicity Marcia, a Sabahan girl. 

I went to Bukit Ekspo with Feli at 4.30 p.m by my motorcycle from Flat Ikan. When i reached there, my classmates already grilled the chickens, kahkahkah. I greeted everyone and took selfie. Then, i helped grilling the chickens when they went for Solat Asar. The rest of this event - i was freelance photographer who adore to capture great moments as much as i could, yeehaa!

Abam-abam sado yang kiut memanggang ayam, peace!

Shah and Aim as well as Velan yang happy menghiasi gambar, HAHA. 

Hakak payung gambar ni siket eh, since my coursemates all are cutie pie, HAHA. 

This picture was taken when we were busy preparing side dishes, huhu. 

Muka-muka bahagia apabila dapat menjamu selera haha. 

Millions of thanks to Asheeq who was successfully conducting this event, Bella and Shah who treated us with Kuey Tiaw and Mee Goreng, and others who gave full cooperations in this event. It was really nice and very good event enabling us to create memorable memories before graduating as well as to tighten our bonding. We have 2 years to go through before receiving degree certificate and in this journey - better for us to grab skills and memories for future use and remembrance. 
السلام عليكم

ps : my weight already reached 59 kg, CONGRATS to me, yuhuu.  



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