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Tuesday, July 12, 2016 • 1:02 AM

السلام عليكم
Hello peeps! Alhamdulillah i already finished my fourth semester last month, before Eid. I took 6 subjects on that semester :
  1. Physical Chemistry
  2. Physic II
  3. Japanese I
  4. Basic Entrepreneur
  5. Ethics and Value in Development
  6. LAX - Public Announcement
Basically i took 2 hardcore subjects and the rest were not so difficult or not so easy - just in between. I like Japanese I very much, since i got a good sensei, Dr Zaid and a good partner, Farouk. This subject also exposed me many new stuffs, hahah. If you absence maybe just for one hour lesson, you may lost. I often ponteng, and to catch up, i did my revision by myself. Next, the most difficult subject was Physic II. Oh hell yah, i dislike Physic since i was in form 4. Seriously i don't really understand how the brain of physicians and mathematicians really function. They are gifted! I have no problem with Physical Chemistry since Chemistry is my forte. Just dari sekolah aku tak suka maths so, derivation of integration and differentiation memang membuatkan otak aku jam. I need to think, where the fuck this or that equation came from and it took hours!

Ni geng aku, trio makmal fizik - Naini, Feli & Me. 

Selpiaq pulak dalam makmal kimia, hahaha. 

The most renyah or complicated stuffs were Basic Entrepreneur, Ethics and Value in Development and LAX. These subjects required very high application of teamwork. I repeat, TEAMWORK. Teamwork cannot be achieved if each members of a group didn't give their cooperation and were not fully devoted to the assignments. Hey babe, you have to understand this. Kakak nak bagi nasihat, when you are in university, please behave like a mahasiswa/mahasiswi. Kau bukan budak-budak lagi, and you have to know, what is your responsibility. Kau ingat datang universiti nak makan tido je eh? You are here to grab knowledges and certificate - to get them, you have to sacrifice. Do your part and don't make stuffs complicated to other members. Sometimes, kau dapat team members yang kosnya lagi mencabar, kau bertolak ansurlah sikit. I didn't say that your course is easy peasy, but you have to know, budak medic, budak sains, budak bahasa - their level of difficulty is not same.

Enough of that bebelan tu, konklusinya everyone must have their own conscious or common sense. If semua rajin and bertanggungjawab, everything gonna be smooth - trust me. Okay bersambung dengan Basic Entrepreneur - This subject was toughest. My group sold Spaghetti Ala Jawa. We had to make it from the raw materials until it became a product. OMG, can you imagine? Everyone had different schedule since we were from different courses, and for us to meet - it was quite difficult. But alhamdulillah, i got help from Asra, Silvan, Nivek and Shahrul. At last, we survived. Then, Ethics and Value in Development - thank God all of our team members were my coursemate, except Laila, a Pure Chem student. Subject ni lah buat kerja sangat-sangat last minutes! But, even at the last minutes, we managed to do it splendidly, hahah! Lastly, LAX. LAX is under Pemajuan Kompetensi Bahasa. A group was formed randomly from different courses and we had to meet once for a week - to make an English discussion video. My LAX group members - they were well performed, seriously. LAX supposed to be so annoying stuff, but after midsem, we managed to finished it 5 weeks earlier than others.

Prototype of our product, Spaghetti Ala Jawa of Basic Entrepreneur.

Final presentation of Basic Entrepreneur, alhamdulillah.

Final presentation of our project - Etika Penggunaan Signal di Jalan Raya of Ethics subject.

Kakak payung selfie siket, haha.

Farouk kena buli ngan Bella, hahah!

Team LAX yang sangat perform, sayang korang!

Basically, the 4th semester made me more stronger than before. I used to mengeluh, but now i like to say - mai lah, mai lah aku tak takut pun. Selagi tuhan itu ada untuk menyokong aku. Lagi busy hidup aku, lagi meaningful it becomes. Terima kasihlah kepada kawan-kawan, lecturer-lecturer dan staf-staf UPM yang menjatuhkan or yang menolong aku. Even apa pun keadaan korang datang ke dalam hidup aku, with ill or good intentions - i accept all of it, arigatougozaimasu. So sekarang, mari kita habiskan cuti semester dengan bermakna ya, hahahah!
السلام عليكم

ps : result simulasi ni keep changing pulok, gementar i okay. 



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