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mp videography ; fragments
Sunday, August 07, 2016 • 9:30 PM

This is a low quality GIF (part of my video), since photoshop just accept MOV format to make GIF. The real format is MP4 with 720p hd. 

السلام عليكم
mp videography ; fragments means metamorphosis project videography ; fragments. This is one of my efforts to change & fulfill my semester break. I don't want my semester break is fulfilled with nothing & become empty - no fun at all. So, this video was produced to relay my messages & feelings toward my comrades or more accurate to my friends & classmates in university. At first, i hesitated to make this video, since it sounds so silly. Not to mention, i'm very embarrassed with myself because i'm already 22 & i'm discussing about feelings - not cool at all, hahaha. 

Then, i stopped editing this video. Next day, Eyra messaged me, and she said she missed me very much which is very unusual for her to say something like that. I know Eyra, she won't tell anything about feelings, but then she said something about it. It shocked me, seriously & I was very happy, since she actually remembered about me *tears*.

The raw materials on Sony Vegas Pro 13.

From this, i got it. Everything you feel inside must be relayed properly - through any medium. If you don't say anything - they won't know your feelings. Then, i opened my Sony Vegas Pro 13 & it only took 2 days & a night for me to complete this video. This video consists 7 layers & it took 30 minutes to render it completely. Since i adore to write poems, then i just relayed my feelings through poem - in this video. I uploaded it on facebook & here, there are feedback from my friends. To watch, please click this link

You know what, thank you very much to those who supported me. Insyaallah, I will make a new video about my coursemates with code name : finality. This is my passion & pleasure. I hope, they will get what i really want to relay. I bet Rudy, Asra & Ijah already got it. They are really sentimental, seriously - and i like it. People who put their minds on someone's effort or they take & digest it seriously - i really respect them, thank you very much. Well then, that's all about this entry, till we meet again, السلام عليكم. 

ps : continue my diet, がんばって ザリナ !

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