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upm 5th sem ; petroscience
Monday, October 31, 2016 • 7:34 AM
السلام عليكم & hello peeps! I’m here updating my blog, again. Alhamdulillah, I safely arrived my home last Friday. So now, I get a chance to rest my mind and soul from my usual super hectic schedule. Being a third year student is quite challenging you know, hahaha. Before mid sem holiday, my life was filled with tests and assignments as well as university’s activities and programs. Alhamdulillah, syukur – I was not feeling so empty like before, and my life gradually changing.

The title of this entry is “Petroscience”. Yes, I visited Petroscience on 23rd October 2016, Sunday after 10 years I went there, for my first time when I was in Standard 6, 2006. Nah, when I visited there, it was quite nostalgic. Afterall, the “biji kopi”(I don’t know what is the real name of the vehicles that bring us to the core of Petroscience) are still there. Thank God, I’m not someone who is haunted by my past memories. If they are not important, I just discarded them – easy peasy right?

So before we went to Petroscience, we gathered in front of Canselor collage waiting for our bus. We took selfie, as much as we wanted, hahaha.

Mak-mak jemah, haha.

Siqin is someone who is really understand my way of thinking. 

Cakk ! Lai lai, kakak-kakak cantik terhangat di pasaran.

And after about 30 minutes journey, we arrived KLCC and again we took selfie.

And here, a million of thanks to Siqin’s mother because she provided us with super-duper delicious breakfasts – blackpaper burger and fried sausages.

This trip was conducted by Shafiq and Ijah with Dr Izham as supervisor. We take CHM3600 : Petroleum Chemistry for this sem and some of the informations in this course can be found at Petroscience, such as Type of Rocks and Rock Cycle. Unfortunately, my topic could not be found there – Sweet and Sour of Crude Oil. So I need to find other ways to present this assignment – in 3 minutes video.

This is my team, Farouk, Feli, Yam & Me. We are super duper crazy hahaha.

I'm not planning to get a job related to refinery of petroleum. I want to be a lecturer, insyaallah. 

After 10 years, I realized something about myself. I was not excited as before and I took everything with moderate way – without expecting something big. With this kind of lifestyle, the percentage to be stumbled with disappointment dropped maybe for 70% haha. Well then, that’s all for this entry. Until we meet again ya السلام عليكم.

 Ps : lastly I found the title of this song, 
Immediate Music – Prelude to Heaven after 
8 years searching for it, hahaha *crying happily*

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