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upm 5th sem ; kimpet's day 2.0
Monday, December 19, 2016 • 8:54 AM
Heeeeyyyaahhh !

السلام عليكم & hello gaiisss ! So alhamdulillah last Friday & Saturday on 16th & 17th December 2016,  I went to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan for Kimpet's Day 2.0. This trip was properly planned by Asheeq & Anaz, with one objective - deepening our bonding between coursemates.

We gathered in front of Cancelor College & everyone was assigned to different cars. There were 6 cars carrying 26 students of Petroleum Chemistry. When everything was in place, we went to Port Dickson.

Excited faces before we went to PD. 

I went to PD by Nina's car with Afiq as driver & other members of my coursemates were Ijah & Afza. Ijah & me ate too much in that car & Afza stayed cool because she had fever. Whereas Nina & Afiq - we already knew, they were a canon couple in Kimpet other than Bell & Shah. My impression about Nina was dramatically changed throughout this trip. I thought she was kind of quiet, but actually she is a good & nice girl - She was not too hard to be approached. & Afiq seriously, he is a good singer, because i discovered it when we - Ijah, Afiq & me sang different kind of songs, hahahaha !

We reached PD around 5 p.m. Vicky already rented a house that cost about RM200.00 with 2 kilometers distance from the sea, wtf Vicky just rented it without thinking how far it would be from the sea.

Selfie belakang rumah, peace !

Sampai-sampai je, kitaorang lapar weyhhh. So we grab what we saw.

Nasib baik ade pakcik jual aiskrim, apa lagi serbu je lah hahaha. 

For the first day, when we reached the homestay, we took time to rest before proceeding next activities. Around 6 p.m we went to PD beach & did bbq. At night, we played Truth or Dare game & of course we did know something new about each other hahaha.

Rudy & Farah memang terbaik dalam hidupkan api. 

After we played truth or dare, we went to Fun Fair. Seriously, fun fair is not my forte, so i just watched they played games from far with Rudy.

Hello gaiiisss !

We went home around 12.30 a.m. I went to sleep because i was so damn tired. Around 2 a.m i woke up, took a bath & performed solat insyak. Then around 6 a.m Bell woke me up & we took turn to bath and to prepare breakfast. Around 7.30 a.m we went to beach with breakfast & all stuffs (the stuffs that will be used for activities). We reached there (PD beach - Pantai Teluk Kemang) around 8 a.m. 

Ijah with her pelampung hahaha.

Enjoying our breakfast together. 

We played Bola Beracun.

Ape Anaz buat tu ? Tak senonoh betul, hahaha.

Abam poliss yang sporting, muah ciked.

After breakfast, i played Bola Beracun or it is also known as Tuju Kandang. Because i didn't play this game for a long time, nah i was kind like pancit, letih bhai. Then, i went for Banana Boat, there is no picture here because Shafiq went for hiking so he didn't have time to upload it yet. That was my first time riding Banana Boat & of course it was so exciting even though it was not so extreme because there were 10 students riding on it. So the speed was not so great. Next, i swam for 1 hour - OMG ! For 3 years already i didn't swim like that. It was so fantastic & it reminds me to my village. 

About 12.30 p.m we went to Jempol, Negeri Sembilan for Aim's sibling's wedding. Kau boleh bayangkan tak, satu kosmate kau pegi kenduri & with not a proper attires. Everyone was watching us, but we just let it goo ~

Sedap weyh nasi kenduri tuu, lapar sangat kot.

After attending wedding ceremony, we went to Waghih Cendol. Nah, satu kosmate lagi serbu kedai cendol. As usual, everyone was looking us, but we just went through like nothing happened hahahaha.

Muka Siqin annoying sebab kena berbaris panjang. 

Ape kau buat tu Rudy ? hahahaha !

After eating Cendol, we returned to UPM. Alhamdulillah we safely arrived UPM around 6.30 p.m. This event seriously a very good event to make our bond stronger, hell yeahhh ! Thankyou everyone, it will be one of my great memories ! Well then, السلام عليكم everyone. 

ps : shiken wa ganbatte shimashou ne, mina-san !

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