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upm 5th sem ; singing therapy & walk4humanity
Tuesday, December 13, 2016 • 10:21 PM
السلام عليكم & hello peeps! Alhamdulillah I’ve been given an opportunity to update my blog, again. Today, I’m going to post stories about SINGING THERAPY and WALK4HUMANITY. For your information, both of them were programs held by KELAB RAKAN SISWA (KRS) UPM.

I was selected to be AJK MULTIMEDIA & PUBLISITI for this program. Even though time given was very short, I managed to complete my task – not so perfectly. My partner, Mat & with Nadia – they settled PA system & technical problems. Well, frankly speaking I’m not very good when it comes to handle those stuffs. I prefer in dealing with multimedia, editing posters, banners, buntings & sometimes montage video. So that’s why Adobe Photoshop & Sony Vegas Pro are my bestfriends. So, with a very short time given, I managed to edit & make this poster :

Seriously, I wonder why I used that big-fat-cutie-pie-cat in my poster. What I really confident about my poster, there were galaxies on both cat eyes. These galaxies symbolized “be open & discover yourself more.” It was parallel to the objective of this event. Then, on the exact day of this event, 25th November 2016, Friday - I was instructed to take pictures. We struggled to make some preparations before this program was started.

Damia & Athirah prepared material that will be used during program.

This two cutie partner, Nadya & Mat were assigned to monitor PA system.

On the other side, the participants registered their names for this program.

This program was started with zumba dances led by top board & other excos.

Hebat nauu jemah-jemah ni, hahaha.

After 3 different dances, the program was conducted by Puan Siti Fatimah. She is a professional counselor & she gave her talk about SINGING THERAPY.

Puan Siti really committed when giving talk.

She also good in controlling situations.

Participants seem enjoyed throughout this program. 

Basically this SINGING THERAPY can be used to all of us when facing something terrible or maybe your mood are not bright enough to start your day. When this happen, you have to find a good song for you to listen in order to overcome your problem. In easy words to explain the concept are – You have to find a song against your mood. For example, if you are feeling sad, then you have to find a happy song. Yah, that’s all it takes. Don’t forget to sing along ya !

At the end of program, everyone say cheeseeee !

AJK involved in this program, arigatougozaimashita mina-san! 

Terima kasih korang semua, sebab sudi berkongsi pengalaman untuk make sure program smoothly ran. Aku tak function sangat sebab I was not too exposed to this kind of program, I mean the formal one. & believe or not, I really hate formal program or formal stuffs.

WALK4HUMANITY was a program conducted by KRS & IKRAM with the help of MYCARE, on 27th November 2016, Sunday. If you really want to donate your money, maybe to help other people around the globe, you can donate to MYCARE. They did many volunteerism programs. From my information obtained, they already used RM82 million – helping poor and homeless people, alhamdulillah. 

I was selected as AJK PENDAFTARAN & PUBLISITI. So I made poster to find volunteers & participants. Our targeted amount of participants only 60 students but it ended up with 120 students registered for it, what a blessing.

This poster was made for participants by my partner, Zahratul.

By applying my previous knowledge of blending on Adobe Photoshop, I managed to edit it perfectly, poster for volunteers, alhamdulillah.

This program was held to raise awareness among students, to give the information of new issues around the world. We put banners & volunteers would explain to participants about issues at every check point.

Antara-antara participants yang join.

Tikah excited explain kat depa pasal isu Nakba.

Participants pun bagi kerjasama yang baik.

Akak-akak pun tak lupa selfie, hahaha.

Moment ni paling lawak, budak tu anak pensyarah yang bagi talk time event tu. & seriously I had no idea why she was so attach to me, haha. & muka aku pulak masa tu macam tunggu suami yang lambat pulang dari kerja hahaha.

Alhamdulillah, this program was successfully ended. 

Setiap program yang aku join, aku niatkan semua segala usaha yang aku curahkan hanyalah demi Allah yang Maha Satu. Bak kata Puan Siti, niat di hati kena ikhlas untuk tolong orang. Walau sekecil zarah pertolongan kau sekalipun - kalau niat kau betul, insyaallah Allah akan permudahkan. 

So I hope God gonna give me other chances for me to join other programs – to improve myself as well as the other people, insyaallah. Well, until we meet again, السلام عليكم . 

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