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Monday, January 02, 2017 • 1:16 AM
السلام عليكم & hello everyone. Alhamdulillah, thank God I successfully finished my 5th semester. I don’t know what kind of result I’ll get. I went through a lot of hardships but I believe I didn’t give my best, seriously. I was easily distracted with my responsibility on programs that I joined. I’m not really a multitasker, haha. So, let’s go through one by one what I already done on my 5th semester.

This subject required a high level of thinking and strong basic of Chemistry. I had to remember wtf HOMO, LUMO, frontier orbitals & sewaktu dengannya. & segala bentuk molecular geometry & their orbital splitting must be a piece of cake for you. But you see, I was not someone hardworking, so benda-benda gini pun at the last minit barulah gua hafal. When I answered Test 1, I got confused with the orbital splitting of square planar and square pyramidal, the heck sangat. I got only 1 Student Centered Learning (SCL) for this subject.

The topic given to my group was Organometallics of Lanthanoids. Nah, ambik hang sumpah gua tak penah dengar pasai Lanthanoids. This is not an element, this is a series containing 15 elements on f block, hello Chemistry students ! I bet you already knew which one is f block right ? Kalau tak, aku ketuk kang. This assignment needed us to complete 4 sections – report, summary sheet, video & slide presentation. Alhamdulillah we successfully presented our assignment & guess what ? My group won a best video presentation, alhamdulillah. Tak sia-sia aku ngan Lewina struggle bagai nak mati untuk siapkan video tu.

Thankyou Dr ! You’re the best ! Why I was so tembam btw, hmmpphh.

Dengan berakhirnya sem ini, maka berakhirlah lab kita ye. I wish both of you goodluck in completing your phd, Demo Mahashanon & Demo Davin.

This is our first Major subject, Petroleum Chemistry before we go to the advance, Oil Refining & Petrochemicals. So, basically this subject required a lot of memorizing. For examples, the histories of petroleum, type of rocks, drilling, reservoir, oil exploration & transportation, natural gas and etc. It involved with geography because oil is located in rocks, earth’s subsurface. This subject exposed us, wtf petroleum is actually. & seriously I never thought that oil was located in rocks ! & I was enjoying this subject because it was something new to me. We got many assignments but the main one was Petroscience Visit.

My group was given a topic of Sweet & Sour Crude Oil & we had to search the informations of it in Petroscience with my team members – Farouk, Feli & Yam. Unfortunately, our topic was not presented in Petroscience, so we had to complete our assignment with the help of Mr Google. It was not so difficult since we only had to make a video presentation & we didn’t have to submit a report, thanks Dr. Izham !

Our video in editing process.

Chemical Technology Principle is a basic subject of Chemical Engineering’s course. I don’t know why Pentadbiran put this subject as compulsory for our course. This subject required high level of understanding of concepts before you did calculations involved. There were many formulas needed to be memorized. But because it related so much with Chemistry, I love this subject eventho I hate Maths haha. This subject had no lab, so marks would be depending on Test 1, Test 2 & assignments. The assignments given were not difficult – for examples, we presented a topic related to this subject and answered questions given by lecturers, alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah because I got Dr Zaid again. I understood his style in teaching Japanese. He was not so strict, he was supportive & more important – Dr Zaid tak kedekut markah ! 70% of marks would be from Test 1, Test 2 & assignments & another 30% would be from final exam. Japanese II was so difficult for me, but it was really fun. You got many stuffs to be memorized – the grammar rules & vocabulary - muzukashi katta desu ! I struggled very hard for Japanese II & whatever mark I’ll get – I accept it.

Our Japanese II’s assignment was choral speaking, haha.

This subject is under Centre For The Advancement Of Language Competence (CALC). We got to meet once per week & produced a discussion video. This is a good platform for students to increase their confidence in communicating with people using English as a second language. Before entering UPM, I was like – “OMG, do I need to talk in English ? It will be a complete disaster”. But after taking LAX from my first year until now, nah it is easy peasy. Never mind the grammar – you just ram it all, yeahh. Jangan jadi grammar nazi sangat okay ?

So our code was LAX2014 : TRAVELOGUE – was all about travel & discover some good places. Then, we made 2 booklets (since we got 2 themes) to encourage or promote that places to other students. Our first theme was Food & the second theme was Fun. & fyi my team members were my previous members of 4th semester. So takde masalah untuk faham setiap perangai team members. They were super-duper performed in completing tasks given.

I love & respect all of you (Rai, Shikin, Syahirah, Feli & Ecah) very much, because you were not just good friends, you were supporters & you ease everyone’s jobs. Everything went smooth because you gave full commitments & cooperation – Dakarasa, arigatougozaimashita mina-sama.

So this post is a wrap for this semester. Please enjoy your life as university student. Look at a positive side & improve yourself. Ignore negative feelings & move on. You don’t have time to be sad – lead a happy life, everyone. Most important, create good memories before you graduate. Well then, that’s all from me, السلام عليكم .



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